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A Guide to BS7177

BS7177:2008 is the full product test for mattresses and bed bases and comes in 3 main classes; low hazard, medium hazard and high hazard.

Although it is down to the business purchasing the beds to judge what category they fall into the general guide to each category is as follows;

The low hazard category, cigarette and match, is suitable for domestic dwellings.

The medium hazard category, crib/source 5, is suitable for B&B's, hotels, care homes.

The high hazard category, crib/source 7, is suitable for prisons, oil rigs and any other high risk area.

All beds will come with a blue BS7177 label which will show you clearly what hazard category the bed has been tested to. If the mattress or base does not come with one of these labels you should reject the product immediately.

An example of the medium hazard BS7177:2008 label.


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